Articles by Alex Goldman 

Top Cybersecurity Threat Is Customers, Experts Say

Educating consumers presents issues, but with business, government, and individuals all working together, panelists were optimistic about our cyber security future.

RSA: Virtualization is Security Risk

Computer security experts warn of the dangers in virtualization.

Trojan Attacks Skype on Windows

Trojan.Peskyspy defeats Skype encryption by exploiting a Windows API. The vulnerability's level of danger is unclear.

Uncovering the Insider Security Threat

It's a well known fact that employees can pose some of the most troublesome security challenges for companies.

New Viruses Target Craigslist, AutoCAD

A common ploy uses spam promising a good deal on an automobile.

Top Security Concern: Email Violations

Even more than the growing threat from malware-infested social media, e-mail security is causing big headaches at many businesses.

Cyber War Could Wreak Worldwide Havoc

The level of contagion from a global cyber war could be impossible to control, experts say.

IT Security vs. Mobile, Social Networks

Security experts discuss how today's mobile usage and social networks pose a major challenge to IT security.

Erin Andrews Peeping Tom Video: Malware Spreader

While the actual video of ESPN anchor Erin Andrews does reportedly exist, hackers are using fake copies to spread malware across the Web.

Virtualization and Security

Intel's director of security recommends that company start small with their virtualization efforts to ensure greater security.

LexisNexis Hack Might be Mafia Work

Prosecutors allege that an employee worked in concert with the Bonanno crime family.

Facebook 'Spy Outing' Reveals Concerns

A blown cover for a major intelligence figure in Britain demonstrates the dangers of Facebook.

Michael Jackson Malware: No 'Thriller'

Michael Jackson's death has predictably prompted fraudsters to create malware to lure unsuspecting users.

New Twitter Worm Attacks

Security vendor Symantec warns of yet another worm attack on Twitter.

Your Personal Info is Unsafe (Even Offline)

Forget the Internet, the lowly trash can is a far more dangerous place for personal data.

Dasient: Servers Need Anti-Malware

Virtually all data loss occurs on servers. A new company releases a pubic beta for anti-malware.

Mac OS Sees More Malware

Although Macs still face far fewer security problems than Windows, the trend line is going in the wrong direction.

Adobe Issues Critical Patch for Reader and Acrobat

It's well worth upgrading your version of Adobe Acrobat and Reader.

Was T-Mobile's Security Compromised?

A T-Mobile spokesperson says the company is investigating the matter.

Analyze Your IT Network to Protect It

An expert at a security industry confab says that to protect your network security you must know your network really well.

Beware of Twitter Scareware

As you watch a video linked to from some social network sites, hackers are installing malware on your system.

IT Security Lessons from RAF Data Loss

A missing hard drive with sensitive data, lost by the RAF, provides larger lessons for IT security pros.

Windows XP Vulnerable to Malware Quicktime

If users click on a booby-trapped Quicktime file and perform a number of other actions, their system could be completely compromised.

Nearly All Email is Now Spam

The percentage of email that's spam has risen to a choking 90 percent, according to MessageLabs.

Spammer's Latest: Soft Drink Ads

Never lacking for invention, spammers have begun leveraging fake ads for a health food drink.