Articles by Colin C. Haley 

VoIP Players Form Security Alliance

UPDATED: Networkers, software vendors and researchers team up to see that VoIP security keeps pace with adoption.

AT&T Builds In Network Security

The network operator enhances its managed services with new worm and virus catchers.

ISPs Band Together Against Spam

UPDATED: AOL, EarthLink, Microsoft and Yahoo sue individuals who allegedly violate the Can-Spam law by sending millions of unwanted e-mails and IMs.

Cisco Buy Blurs Networking and Security Lines

The equipment maker will pay $74M for network access specialist Perfigo.

Epok Targets Web Services Security

The firm launches an enhanced platform aimed at wireless carriers and the government sector.

AT&T Working on E-Mail Glitch

The carrier acknowledges that some users have had difficulty sending e-mail in recent days.

Ballmer Beats Security Drum

The Microsoft CEO also hits on Web Services, Linux and a little company named Google in Boston meeting.

Security Outsourcing to Soar

Enterprises will contract out 90 percent of security operations by 2010, Yankee Group predicts.

eEye Stares Down Security Threats

The Blink security software helps companies safeguard against known and unknown network threats.

US-CERT Warns on IPv6 Routing Software

Some versions of Juniper's JUNOS software, which directs traffic using the IPv6 standard, can be exploited to cause a DoS attack.

AOL Employee Arrested in Spam Sting

Millions of screen names were used to illegally promote an Internet gambling operation.

AT&T on DoS: Early Detection Equals Prevention

The carrier introduces a new service to thwart denial-of-service attacks in corporate systems.

Nuance Talks Up Security, Savings

The speech technology specialist launches a new software package aimed at financial services and healthcare customers.

Security, Manageability Drive Cisco Upgrades

The network equipment giant unveils a slew of new products and capabilities for its venerable switch line.

ISP Gets Tough With 'Zombie' Customers

Comcast pushes its broadband customers with virus-infested spam zombies to clean up their act -- or else.

Cisco's Bundle of Virus-Fighters

The company combines enterprise security tools and network infrastructure in a quest to develop a 'self-defending network.'

Will Lax Security Trip IP Telephony?

A new research report from META Group suggests that it could.

Juniper's $4B Buy Signals Security Push

In a blockbuster stock deal underlining the growing importance of security, the No. 2 telecom gear maker buys its Sunnyvale, Calif., neighbor NetScreen.

Are You Ready for RFID?

Radio frequency identification technology is suddenly one of the hottest trends in the industry, and plenty of companies are poised to benefit from its use.

Network Operators Brace for Isabel

Voice and data carriers check generators, sandbag central offices and put repair crews on standby as the hurricane churns toward land.

United Online Targets Spam Scourge

The owner of Netzero and Juno ISPs intros new Web-based e-mail with better filters to intercept junk messages before they reach in-boxes.

Report: Many Companies Lack Wi-Fi Security

Rushing to go wireless, many enterprises overlook the need to safeguard their data, according to a Jupiter Research report released at 802.11 Planet Conference & Expo today.

US CTO Delivers Shopping List to IT Execs

UPDATE: Washington will spend billions on products and services that solve problems of interoperatbility, security and redundancy, a top government technology official told industry groups.

NET Guard Dying Quietly

FEATURE: Months after an anti-terrorism bill calling for a volunteer IT force passed, nothing has been done and there's a real possibility nothing ever will be.

CSC Offers Virus, Spam, Porn Blocking Software

The IT oursourcing giant looks to keep suspect e-mail from infiltrating the networks of its enterprise clients by offering MessageLabs' blocking applications.