Articles by Pamela Parker 

America Online Acquires Mailblocks

UPDATED: Challenge/response technology gains more momentum, which may create headaches for marketers.

Microsoft Anti-Spam Proposal in Merger Talks

Microsoft discusses merging its Caller ID for E-Mail with the popular SPF proposal.

Do-Not-Spam Proves Popular Concept

Workable or unworkable, the idea is certainly a hit with consumers.

Ad Groups Urge Congress To Pass Anti-Spam Law

Three trade organizations push for quick action on federal legislation.

Yahoo! Offers New Weapons In Anti-Spam Arsenal

UPDATE: Yahoo! gives paying e-mail customers more ways to battle spam.

Ohio Spammers Hit With $250,000 Judgment

Plaintiff invokes Washington's tough anti-spam law.

Experts: Truth and Permission Critical in Spam Battle

Folks on the front lines of the fight against spam urge legitimate marketers to distinguish themselves from the bad guys.