Articles by Chris Nerney 

Beware the Browser Backlash

Datamation columnist Chris Nerney says once people take off their rose-colored glasses and take a realistic look at Firefox, he hopes they don't dismiss it... because what the industry needs is a choice.

Former IT Manager, Current Security Threat?

A recent hack underscores the need to guard against attacks from ex-employees who know your systems inside and out.

Microsoft Makes Security Pledge -- Again

You IT professionals can stop worrying now. Your security woes soon will be a thing of the past. Haven't we heard this before?

A Costly Identity Crisis

Online schemers are causing the unwitting more than just aggravation.

Trolling For Anti-Phishing Laws

Which anti-phishing law is best?

Virus Writing: Not Fun, Not Funny

Whatever your feelings about SCO or Microsoft, MyDoom hurts thousands of other companies, the global economy and the Internet in general.

Many WLANs Left Vulnerable, Report Says

More than half of all enterprises take only basic technological precautions -- or none at all -- to protect their wireless networks, according to a new Jupiter Research report.

Security In eBusiness Era Focus Of Conference

At next week's eSecurity Conference & Expo in Virginia, security experts from the private sector, government and academia will focus on helping attendees develop effective strategies and policies for protection in the eBusiness era.