Articles by internetnews.com Staff 

Is Gordano at The Vanguard of E-mail Security?

SMBs are the target for new software that flashes all-in-one e-mail security.

Rounding the Corners of Network Security

The ins, outs and arounds of some security trends.

Critical Windows Patch Around The Corner

Microsoft's advance notice of coming patches includes six plugs for Windows and something extra.

Cisco Patches DNS, VoIP Flaws

NISCC urges companies to contact their vendors and make sure they're patched.

Fed IT Security Spending to Jump 20%

Agency spending on cybersecurity is projected to grow from $6.1 billion to $7.3 billion.

LogicLibrary Adds Security to J2EE/.NET Tools

Key new security specification support is added, along with some other goodies in the latest refresh of Logidex.

Acxiom Hacked, Customer Information Exposed

Consumer database firm says a hacker was able to download sensitive information about some of the customers of its clients, though the alleged hacker is now in custody and the information recovered.

InfoSec is a Bright Spot in IT Forecast

Wireless security is among some key drivers boosting growth in security spending, according to IDC's latest stats.