Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Secret Double Octopus Raises $6M Series A

Multi-factor security firm gets new financial backing as it takes aim at growing share in the authentication market.

Bitglass Raises $45M to Advance CASB Technology

Cloud Access Security Broker vendor to use funding to help grow global go-to-market efforts.

Hack the Army - and Get Paid for It

The U.S Army is the next branch of the Department of Defence to embrace the bug bounty bounty model in an effort to improve security.

Intel Spins Out McAfee Security Unit in $4.2B Deal

Intel sells majority stake in its security unit in a deal that values the former McAfee at $4.2 billion. New majority owner TPG will again use the McAfee name.

Linux Foundation Restructuring CII Security Effort for Scale

The CTO of the Linux Foundation discusses how the governance structure for the Core Infrastructure Initiative is changing to promote better security. [VIDEO]

DARPA's Machine Challenge Solves CrackAddr Puzzle

Mike Walker, the DARPA program manager responsible for the Cyber Grand Challenge, details how autonomous systems solved a decade-old security challenge. [VIDEO]

Black Hat: What Are the Tools of Car Hacking?

Time, energy and money, not a lack of tools, are keeping researchers from investigating automobile security, say Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. [VIDEO]

Black Hat: Researchers Reveal PIN Pad Risks

PIN pads from multiple vendors are potentially at risk from attack, according to researchers from NCR. [VIDEO]

Hacking Hotel Keys and Point of Sale Systems at DEFCON

At DEFCON security researcher is set to reveal how magnetic stripes are at risk from exploitation.

The Black Hat Kaminsky DNS Flaw: Eight Years Later

At Black Hat 2008, security researcher Dan Kaminsky revealed flaws in DNS that he claimed could have crippled the internet. Eight years later what was the real impact?

BluVector Takes Aim at Security Bug Hunting

[VIDEO] Former top IBM security exec, Kris Lovejoy, now president of BluVector by Acuity discusses what her new firm's tech is all about.

Where Should Security Keys be Kept in the Cloud?

VIDEO: Andy Ellis, chief security officer at Akamai, discusses his views on cloud security key management and provides a preview of an upcoming Internet security report.

HP Labs in the Post-HP Split Era [VIDEO]

Sue Barsamian, senior vice president and general manager of Enterprise Security Products at HPE, discusses HP Labs' role in enterprise security.

Can New Intel Tech Revolutionize Application Security? [VIDEO]

Steve Grobman, Intel Fellow and CTO of Intel Security, discusses upcoming innovation in silicon that could have a huge impact on software security.

How Stan Black Secures Citrix and Its Customers [VIDEO]

Citrix Chief Security Officer Stan Black discusses how he keeps Citrix and its customers safe, a tough job at a company that sees 22,261 security events per minute on a typical day.

Zimperium Takes Aim at Mobile Security [VIDEO]

Smartphone security isn't quite the same as desktop security. Zimperium researchers discuss the pitfalls of mobile and what Zimperium is doing to limit risks.

Do You Need EV-SSL? [VIDEO]

The CEO of Comodo, a key contributor to the EV-SSL standard, explains why extended validation SSL matters but why you might not always actually need it.

Microsoft Surprises With Internet Explorer Patch Tuesday Update

Microsoft expands the number of security bulletins and tackles 24 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer.

Code Signing Seen as Effective Way to Safeguard App Security

NEWS ANALYSIS: Certificate Authorities (CAs) are ramping up efforts to make code signing the norm for application security.

How Did Syrian Electronic Army Take Down The New York Times?

You wouldn't leave the front door to your house unlocked, so why would anyone leave their domain unlocked?

Inside the Syrian Electronic Army Washington Post Attack

NEWS ANALYSIS: An online group with ties to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad attacked The Post. What happened and how can enterprises avoid being victims of similar attacks?

Black Hat: NSA Chief Alexander Talks About PRISM

The NSA chief shouts back at heckler and details why what his agency is doing is saving lives.