Articles by Susan Kuchinskas 

8 Steps to a Secure Cloud Initiative

Security should be built into your cloud deployment, not added on.

RSA: Hackers Can Help You Improve Security

Businesses should enlist the help of hackers to secure their systems, says WhiteHat Security's CTO.

Which Browser is Best for Security?

Researchers from Accuvant discussed the results of a browser security comparison study at RSA Conference 2012 -- and the debate rages on.

Search Engine Poisoning Still #1 Attack Vector

Link farms leading to scams and malware remain the most prevalent attack, according to Blue Coat Systems at RSA Conference 2012.

Flickr Taking Privacy Just Casually Enough

People will give up a little privacy to enrich their worlds.

Web 2.0 in Enterprise Needs a Lock

Culture of sharing needs to be reminded about TMI at work.

An Imperfect (Cyber) Storm

Second exercise put communications between public and private sector to the test.

Is Privacy Where It's At?

Location-based mobile services promise convenience and fun -- as long as you can turn them off.

Malware on The Tube

The newest wave of Trojans is coming to you on YouTube -- and other Web sites.

Tagsys: The RFID Medium is the Message

New approach integrates RFID into packaging.

FCC Wiretap Order Raises ACLU Ire

Group says mandate would dramatically increase FBI's surveillance powers over the Internet.

Symantec and Microsoft Bring Down Pirate

Anti-piracy efforts net another scammer.

Say It Ain't So, Yahoo

Analyst claims the Web giant supports spyware companies with its pay-per-click ads.

Windows Vista Beta Is On

Microsoft unveils code and interfaces for Longhorn, IE7 and Longhorn Server.

Waking Up to Warjacking

Consumer Wi-Fi connections could be the next security pain point.

ISP Steaming Over Coffee Spam

Activist hauls Gevalia Coffee into court over unsolicited e-mail.

E-Filing Up, Fear Down

The number of folks filing taxes online is growing despite the security traps that can trip them up.

Blogging Without Getting Burned

As the public rushes to the blogosphere, employers and employees have to figure out what's right -- and what's stupid.

Phishing Attacks Jump 26%

Phishers and pharmers up attacks, perhaps in response to decreased results.

No Security in SSNs?

FEATURE: Have you bought a house? Paid a traffic ticket? Been married or divorced in the last 10 years? Those documents may have been posted online as a matter of public course.

Do You Know Who Owns Your Info?

Selling consumer information is big business, but there's often little oversight on buyers.

Managing The Parallel 'You-niverse'

The data stored by the companies we do business with creates a digital counterpart that wields powerful influence over our lives.

FTC Closing CAN-SPAM Loopholes

Spam-fighting feds figure out the fine points of anti-spam law.

Phish Fighters Form Alliance

UPDATED: Latest digital crime-fighting initiative unites ISPs, software vendors and financial institutions.

HP Targets Viruses in Security Initiative

Following up on its enterprise offerings, HP puts new products out to fight viruses.