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Considerations for Adding FIDO U2F to Your Security Protocol

If you're considering using the FIDO U2F protocol, here's what you need to know.

5 iOS 5 Enterprise Security Considerations

You can't keep Apple out of the enterprise anymore so it's best to figure out the most secure way to embrace it, writes Dan Croft of Mission Critical Wireless.

Spear Phishing Quickly Coming of Age

Even the security giants are not immune from this sophisticated and growing form of attack, writes Jovi Bepinosa Umawing of GFI Software.

Siege Warfare in the Cyber Age

In one the unlikeliest turn of events brought about by technology, it looks like Middle Ages' siege warfare may be making a comeback, writes Gunter Ollmann of Damballa.

Two Factor Authentication: SMS vs. Tokens

Are one-time passwords sent via cell phone text messages more secure than traditional hardware tokens?