Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Finding Attack Patterns at the Digital Crime Scene

Using scientific methods, Symantec researchers aim to profile the IT threat landscape.

Sourcefire Immunizes 2 Million PCs with Immunet

Leveraging open source ClamAV and the cloud, Sourcefire layers its antivirus tech on top of other vendors solutions.

Apache Server Hit by Reverse Proxy

Dangerous flaw puts internal Web servers at risk, but there is a fix in the works.

Public Cloud Keys Too Easy to Find

If you put the keys to your cloud infrastructure in plain sight, don't be surprised if you get hacked.

Chrome Gets 2nd Critical Fix in a Week

In a rare move, Google is updating Chrome for a single security fix.

Microsoft Issues Patch for Font Flaw, Not Duqu

November's Patch Tuesday update delivers four security advisories including a fix for a font issue that is similar to the one that enables the Duqu zero day attack.

Microsoft Partly to Blame for Spread of Duqu

The TrueType font parsing engine is to blame but Microsoft views the risk as low ... for now.

Secunia Jumps Into Vulnerability Disclosure Market

Security research firm provides another option for researchers looking to co-ordinate vulnerability disclosure.