Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Mozilla Releases 1st Firefox 4 Security Update

Firefox 4.0.1 released fixes 13 security flaws as work moves forward on Firefox 5

Google Pays $16,500 for Chrome 11 Fixes

New Chrome browser debuts loaded with security fixes and voice capabilities.

Check Point Debuts ZoneAlarm SocialGuard

You can't secure Facebook with a firewall, but you can secure it with new software that protects against social threats.

Russia Top Source of Attack Traffic

New ranking place Russia 1st and the U.S 5th in the list of top sources of Internet attacks.

Oracle Patches Flaw

Security researcher alleges that had a vulnerability, that Oracle quickly fixed.

Adobe Updates Acrobat and Reader for Security

Time for yet another Acrobat related update.

Oracle Patches 73 Vulnerabilities in April Update

Oracle fixes flaws across its portfolio, including the open source Open Office suite.

PCI is Reducing Data Breaches

Does PCI compliance actually help mitigate IT security risks? Why yes, yes it does.

Apple Updates Safari, iOS and Mac for Increased Security

Apple plugs PWN2OWN flaws and secures all of its platforms.

HP Goes Real Time for App Security

HP expands on its Fortify assets, integrating static with dynamic code analysis for real-time results.

NeXpose Accelerates Vulnerability Scanning

How do you make security assessments faster?

Google Chrome 12 Protects Against Malware

Google next browser delivers new security feature to protect against driveby download attacks.

The Epsilon Breach: What Should You Do?

What should companies and consumers do to protect themselves from the email marketing provider breach?

HP Security Report: What is the Most Insecure CMS?

HP TippingPoint examines the vulnerabilities in applications and identifies the most insecure open source content management system.

.com Domain Finally Safe

VeriSign signs .com for DNSSEC making over 90 millions domains now set to benefit from DNS Security.