Articles by Robert McGarvey 

iOS vs. Android Security: And the Winner Is?

You might just be surprised (or not).

Up in the Cloud: Debating How to Secure iOS 5

iOS device level security really isn't an option but cloud-based network monitoring might be the way to go.

Zeus (Still) Wants Your Wallet

The antivirus community has failed to figure out this able and persistent piece of malware. It's as simple as that. 

Kindle Fire Sparks Enterprise IT Fears

New browser, Silk, and Amazon's cloud at the heart of IT security concerns.

Why iOS 5 Matters to the Enterprise

iOS 5 offers a lot of the features IT security admins have longed – driving Apple ever deeper into the enterprise.

PlayBook Tops in Tablet Security

Recent price reductions may mean more Blackberry Playbook tablets entering your organization, but that may not be such a bad thing for IT security teams.

Android Security Becoming an Issue

As the Android mobile platform gains market share, it also garners a lot of interest from cyber crooks as well as IT security vendors.

DigiNotar: When Trust Goes, e-Everything Goes

The failure of Dutch certificate authority DigiNotar should have Android, iOS and IT security folks very concerned.

Securing the iPhone 5: What Will It Deliver?

Don't expect too much by way of security enhancements in the iPhone 5 -- just enough to keep IT admins from revolting and RIM on its heels.

The iOS, iPad, iPhone ... iEverything Security Conundrum

With the prevalence of Apple in the enterprise today you'd think it would be easier to lock it down.

Password Roulette: Betting on Password Storage Apps

As the smartphone and tablet become our de facto end-points, app builders need to step up the security of their offerings.

Look Out: Your Android Is Leaking

Google's Android mobile platform has taken some security hits lately but the fixes are out there.

4 Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Voicemail

In light of the News of the World hacking scandal unfolding in the UK, we figured it was a good time for some pointers on how not to be the next victim.

The Top 5 Ways to Protect Honeycomb Tablets

Google's Honeycomb OS has some good built in features but you want to go beyond that to get secure.

Top 10 Fun Facts About iPad Security

While not as vulnerable as Android or Windows, there are some things to watch out for.

Uncovering the Top 3 Browser Vulnerabilities

Safari, Opera and mobile surfing don't make the cut. IE, Firefox or Chrome do. Here's why.