Articles by Pam Baker 

Bank Fraud Still Costing Plenty

Bank fraud is and will continue to be an expensive problem.

Thwarting the Age Old Man in the Middle

Man in the middle attacks are morphing to keep pace with mobile, VoIP, browsers ... you name it and financial institutions are on alert.

The Best Malware and Antivirus Tool is Prevention

The best way to remove malware and viruses is not to get them in the first place.

Data Breaches Running Rampant

And these are just the ones we hear about.

The Nightmare Future of Hacking

Virtual viruses, RAM scraping, DNA attacks, RFID ... it's a scary world out there if you're an IP address.

Managing Data Security in the Cloud

Dropbox is just the latest example of data not being quite as secure in the cloud as you might think.

Top 10 ID Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You can never secure personal info completely but here's 10 ways -- inside and outside of cyberspace -- to avoid the easy mistakes.

Is Linux Really More Secure than Windows?

Linux and Windows both have their vulnerabilities so it really depends on how security savvy your people are.

Firefox 4 vs. Internet Explorer 9: Which is Safer?

There are still a lot of browsers to choose from out there but Internet Explorer and Firefox are still the main targets.

Updated: The Best Security for Wireless Networks

Wireless security protocols are better but, unless you take advantage of them, your security won't be.

The Value of Disaster Planning in a Security Policy

Pam Baker outlines the key questions to ask when mapping out a security policy for disaster planning.