Articles by Michael Horowitz 

Improve Network Security with Better Router Security

Millions of home and small business routers have a security flaw, which is simple to fix if you know how. Our expert explains the flaw and how to protect your network against it.

The Best Security for Wireless Email

Sending email over a wireless network, either Wi-Fi or your mobile carrier's data network, is a risky proposition. Learn how to protect your corporate and personal communication.

Protect Your E-mail From Hackers

When it comes to securing your e-mail, particularly when traveling, constant vigilance is vital. Learn tips for protecting sensitive communication at home or abroad.

Ten Tips for Securing Your PC

Michael Horowitz outlines the ten best things Windows PC users can do to protect their systems.

Improve Your Wireless Security With the Right Routers

Netgear's low-end router offers some impressive security features, but don't expect the company to tell you about them.

Better Backups Mean Better Data Security

Guard against malware and protect your data by configuring your PC to be as "bullet-proof" as possible.

PC Security Tips for Corporate Executives

When it comes to corporate data, you can never be too careful. Security expert Michael Horowitz offers invaluable tips for securing your PCs.

Simple Data Security Solutions

If you prioritize data security--and who doesn't?--the Aegis Padlock portable hard drive offers a secure, affordable solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux that's simple enough for even non-IT pros to manage.

Online Banking: Taking Issue With The New York Times

Michael Horowitz takes exception to a recent NYT article, which declared online banking to be nothing to worry about, and explains why you should concerned, too.

Two Approaches to Securing Autorun and AutoPlay in Windows

Protecting your Windows computer from Autorun/Autoplay security problems can be done the 'official' way -- or the safe way.

Check (All) Your Windows Patches: Secunia

Microsoft issues patches for its own Windows apps, yet other vendors' programs remain a security challenge. Secunia offers a free online software inspector for patch notification.

Windows and Online Banking: A Dangerous Mix

This security expert uses Windows for most functions, yet feels it’s not safe enough for the average user to trust for online banking.

Sandboxie: Blocking Web-Based Malware From Your PC

Malware can hop on to your PC from even trusted sites, but the free Sandboxie application effectively blocks it.

Being Secure on Public Wi-Fi: VPN, Firewalls, File Sharing

With a dash of technical knowledge and some preparation, you can safely use a public Wi-Fi network.

The Best Security for Wireless Networks

Think of WEP as bad, WPA as just fine and WPA2 as great when it comes to WLAN security. Combine that with PSK-AES-CCMP (and a long password) and you should have secure wireless network.

The Safest Way to Protect Sensitive Computing Files

Using an external hard drive with its own encryption program offers the best data security.

Consider Linux for Secure Online Banking

The open source operating system offers a number of advantages in terms of data protection.

Introduction to Firewalls

Yes, you need a firewall for your PC. Here’s what you need to know.

The Best Way to Remove Viruses and Malware, Part 3: The Clean-Up

Here are my experiences using both network access and the software included with the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows to clean up an infected Windows machine. All the software discussed is free.

Are Chinese Hackers Attacking Your PC?

A security expert notes an alarming trend, and provides guidance to protect yourself against it.

How to Remove Malware (Part 2): Booting from a CD

Using a boot CD to remove malware can be more effective than simply running an anti-malware software program.

The Best Way to Remove Viruses, Spyware and other Malware (Part 1)

Much of today’s malware uses very technically sophisticated defenses against detection, making it far tougher for users to remove.

Defending Firefox from Interest-based Ad Cookies

Although enabling cookies in your browser gives you a lot of advantages, you may still want to block certain cookies. Here’s a guide.