Articles by Michael Hall 

Networking Notes: Playing the Password Game

Some security experts say we need to do the impossible: Create and memorize a unique password for each and every service we use. But there are options — this nifty Web site or just write them down.

F-Secure Spoofed with Bogus Mail

Security company F-Secure was the target of a malicious mail apparently designed to give the company a black eye.

Reports: IM Threats Steadily Evolving

A pair of new reports say 2005 was a year of unfortunate firsts for IM security; with 2006 promising escalations in the sophistication of security threats.

Security Experts Blast Microsoft

Are Microsoft's Oompa-Loompas producing security candy or just singing the day away? Security experts aren't sure, and they're recommending users fix the latest Windows exploit with unofficial patches.

SANS Takes Security Pros to School

SANS has announced a pair of graduate degrees in security for aspiring CIOs and other IT professionals.

Security Researcher: Rootkits Common for Spyware

A security researcher says rootkits are finding the most use among spyware authors out to hide their programs from wary users.

Chatty Worm-Bot Coaxes Malware Download

A new worm making the rounds on AIM simulates a real person to coax users into accepting its payload.

November Tops for Spam, Zombies on the Rise

According to a report, 170,000 new machines are added to the ranks of zombie spammers each day.

November Busy Month for IM Worms

Security company says IM attacks up 226 percent over October.

AIM Worm Has Middle East Connection

A security company reports that a recent AIM rootkit worm is being exploited by an unspecified group of crackers in the Middle East.

Critical IPSec Vulnerability Exposes VPNs

A Finnish research group has reported on a vulnerability that exposes VPNs and firewalls to DoS attacks.

Cisco Fixes a Pair of IOS Vulnerabilities

Cisco has released patches that address denial of service and authentication vulnerabilities in IOS.