Articles by Lisa Phifer 

5 Best Practices for Securing Remote Access

New ways to enable safe anywhere, anytime remote access are being demanded by the rising tide of mobile workers.

Top 5 PDF Risks and How to Avoid Them

Unlike security threats you can police with scanning and filtering, reducing PDF exploits can be challenging.

Top 10 Android Security Risks

Android's popularity is rising among consumers – and hackers.

RSA: Securing the Network

Internet-borne crime, cloud service delivery, and compliance concerns continue to push network security vendors to aim higher to secure today's networks.

RSA: New Frontiers in Threat Research

RSA speakers drill into emerging attacks and trends, from unruly apps to malicious tweets.

The Top 10 Botnet Events of 2010

2010 was a banner year for botnet boons and busts.

Top 10 Data Breaches of 2010

Last year's biggest breaches were still caused by old-fashioned blunders. Here’s a rundown of 10 of the most significant data breaches of 2010.

Review: AirWatch Enterprise MDM for Apple iOS4

AirWatch uses Apple MDM to control iOS4 iPads, iPhones, and the apps allowed to run on them.

Top 10 Mobile Mistakes to Avoid This Holiday Season

Symantec finds that smartphone users are putting themselves at risk this holiday season. Here's how you can avoid the smartphone Grinch.

Review: Astaro RED (Remote Ethernet Device)

Enforcing consistent network security throughout a large enterprise can be challenging--especially for branches with few users and no IT. Astaro's RED offers an affordable solution.

10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Firesheep Attacks

Our expert offers the top ten ways to surf websites vulnerable to Firesheep without getting fleeced. Learn how to best defend yourself from Firesheep and other sidejacking attacks.

Social Networking Security Hot Topic at Interop NY

Interop NY 2010 attendees observed trends in network security ranging from cloud computing to green data centers, but the hottest topic was social networking--from policy development and controls to vulnerability management and compliance.

Top Ten Ways to Avoid an Evil Twin Attack

Business travelers are particularly susceptible to evil twin attacks--hacker-created wireless access points that use real network names (SSIDs) to bait users into connecting to them.

Review: MXI Stealth ZONE

Security features are robust in this fast, efficient "secure USB desktop" from MXI, which uses an encrypted flash drive with speedy BlueFly processor to boot a PC-adapted, IT-customized Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard image.

Top 10 Email Malware Threats

Despite spam and malware filters, email-borne Trojans and exploits continue to thrive, propagated by file attachments and embedded URLs. We rank the worst offenders and offer tips for protecting your network.

Top Ten Web Malware Threats

Web-borne malware encounters continue to rise, leveraging a variety of vectors, methods, and exploits. Use this list to identify and fight trends that are likely to target your Web servers and users.

Review: AirWatch Enterprise Package

Turn-key service delivers Web-based control over employee smartphones helping businesses manage iPhones, Android-based devices, BlackBerrys, and Windows Mobile smartphones.

Top Ten Security Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7

Windows 7 Enterprise delivers enough security improvements to justify the cost and hassle of migration. We outline ten of the best security benefits.

Gartner Security Summit News Round-Up

Annual IT security gathering urges attendees to adopt more pragmatic, risk-centric, business-focused approaches.

Review: Kanguru Remote Management Console Cloud Edition

Perfect for SMBs, KRMC Cloud ($19.95 per drive per year) offers affordable thumb drive security with a public cloud service.

OWASP Top Ten 2010 Web App Risks

Protect your business against this year's ten most worrisome Web application security risks.

New Meru Product Offerings Strengthen WLANs

This week, Meru announced four new Service Assurance applications, including its own WIPS.

Network Security Review: CACE Pilot

An in-depth look at CACE Pilot ($1295), which cuts large-volume traffic captures down to size through visualization, drill-down, reporting, and more.

Top Ten Free Wi-Fi Security Test Tools

Enhance network security by finding your WLAN's vulnerabilities before attackers do--and without spending a bundle.

Security Forecast 'Cloudy' at Interop LV 2010

Faster network infrastructure pushes more virtualized services into the cloud, reshaping security risks and strategies.