Articles by Loraine Lawson 

Multi-Factor Authentication: A Critical Security Tool for Enterprises

Multi-factor authentication provides a more secure option than passwords and ID alone. We take a comprehensive look at MFA security, two-factor authentication, mobile authentication, biometrics and vendors, and issues to consider before adopting an MFA solution.

Startup Spotlight: Sift Science's Fraud Prevention Platform

Startup Sift Science wants to take fraud prevention to the next level with its platform powered by machine learning.

Startup Spotlight: TrustPipe's Endpoint Security Modeled on DNA Markers

Startup founded by nCircle veterans uses approach modeled on DNA markers to identify and shut down cyber attacks.

7 Hot Security Analytics Startups

Security analytics startups use Big Data, machine learning, predictive analytics and data lakes to improve cybersecurity.

Startup Spotlight: Deep Instinct's AI-Driven Threat Detection

Startup uses artificial intelligence to fight APTs, zero day attacks and other advanced threats.

Startup Spotlight: Vectra Networks' Threat Detection

Automated intrusion detection that can detect APTs in real time is Vectra Networks' focus.

Startup Spotlight: Vidder's Application Security

Vidder offers a multi-pronged approach to application security based on a solution its founder created for the Department of Defense.

Startup Spotlight: Bluebox Security's Mobile App Security

Bluebox Security's platform boosts mobile app security without making extra work for developers.

Startup Spotlight: SentinelOne's Endpoint Security

The endpoint is the 'scene of the crime' in enterprise security, so startup SentinelOne targets endpoint security holes left by traditional AV solutions.