Articles by Joseph Moran 

The Essential Android Security App Buyer's Guide

Android antivirus, malware, password and encryption apps are all out there to keep the intel on your Android phone yours.

Windows Mobile Security Apps Buyer's Guide

Here is a rundown of apps that can help enhance your Windows Mobile 6.x smartphone’s security in a variety of ways.

Guide to Buying Managed Endpoint Security Software

A managed endpoint security product can provide centralized configuration and monitoring capabilities that you won’t find in stand-alone anti-virus or more comprehensive Internet security software.

6 Free Ways to Stay Secure in the New Year

If you resolve to stay secure in the New Year, here are a half-dozen no-cost ways to keep your systems clean without spending green.

How to Choose the Right Data Wiping Software

Deleting data isn't enough--you also have to wipe it. There are many software tools available that can do this. We help you choose the right one and recommend 12 of our favorites.

5 Best Password Management Software Packages

Password managers can preserve your computer and data security, as well as your sanity. But how do you know which is best? We walk you through your options and recommend five of the best.

Guide to Buying Secure Removable Storage

When shopping for secure removable storage devices, such as flash drives or portable hard drives, there are several key points to consider.

Increase Laptop Security with BitLocker

If your laptop is running either the Ultimate or Enterprise editions of Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can take advantage of the BitLocker feature to encrypt the hard drive. Here's how.

Buying Guide: Anti-Virus Software

Good anti-virus protection is a must, but which should you choose and how much--if anything--should you pay?

Review: Policy Commander 2.0

Protecting your company's sensitive data and complying with industry or government regulations can be challenging and costly. Policy Commander offers a simple, affordable option.

Get a Grip on Handheld Security

This utility can't prevent your handheld from disappearing, but it can keep unauthorized people from accessing it or getting to the data it contains.

A Firewall for Your Mobile Employees

If any of your employees rely on notebooks to work off site, you might consider a mobile firewall to protect company data.