Articles by Joe Stanganelli 

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Threat Sharing

Top InfoSec brass spoke at the 2016 Advanced Cyber Security Center conference on the importance of collaborative threat sharing.

5 Essential IoT Security Best Practices

With IoT security top of mind in the wake of recent IoT-based attacks, here are four tips on improving your Internet of Things security measures.

3 Ways CISOs Can Partner with Chief Data Officers

The CISO and the chief data officer must work well together, given the importance of secure data access. Here are tips for fostering a C-suite partnership.

Can Feds Compromise on Data Privacy?

As hawkish U.S. legislators seek to weaken encryption, a bill up for consideration welcomes private-sector interests to the table for a "dialogue." But is it a trap?

Selecting a Threat Risk Model for Your Organization, Part Two

In the second of a two-part series on threat risk models, we look at Trike, MIL-STD-882E and OCTAVE.

Which Threat Risk Model Is Right for Your Organization?

Which threat risk model is right for you? We compare strengths and weaknesses of three popular ones: STRIDE, DREAD and CVSS.

3 Cases of InfoSec Hubris That Led to Big Breaches

Hacks happen. But sometimes organizations seem to make themselves targets with behavior that is a bit too boastful, judgmental or egotistical.

3 Best Practices for Protecting Data Better than Hillary Did

Hillary Clinton's email scandal offers a reminder of the importance of data protection best practices, like the three we cover here.

3 Data Protection Tips, in Light of Proposed Cybersecurity Laws

Proposed cybersecurity legislation is making business owners nervous – with good reason. These tips will help you be prepared no matter what Congress does.

How Bad Is Burr-Feinstein Anti-Encryption Legislation?

Proposed anti-encryption legislation known as "Burr-Feinstein," filed in the wake of Apple's legal showdown with the FBI, had broad business ramifications.

National Security Letters and Gag Orders: 5 Tips to Reduce Risk

To reduce your government surveillance 'attack surface' and protect customers' data privacy from U.S. government agencies, follow these five tips.

Microsoft Wants to Fix Cloud Security's 'Trust Problem'

Microsoft Research could revolutionize cloud security with nascent solutions based on Intel technology.

Making Credit Cards Unhackable

Credit card credentials are easy to obtain and difficult to secure. An unhackable credit card could be on the horizon, thanks to technology based on quantum computing.

Will 2015 Be Adobe Flash's Swan Song?

Following more critical zero-day exploits, Adobe's Flash platform's place in the enterprise appears as unsecure as the software itself.

The Internet of Things: 3 Security Requirements

As the Internet of Things proliferates, so too do IoT-based vulnerabilities and attacks. These three tips will help secure your IoT-enabled network.

Identity and Access Management's Role in Secure Cloud Collaboration

As enterprises demand more secure cloud-based externalization, companies like Exostar are answering the call with IAM solutions.

Cyber Insurance Covers That? 7 Items You Might Not Know

Data breaches and data losses are just the beginning when it comes to cyber insurance. Policies may also cover such items as data forensics.

Cyber Insurance: 6 Facts You Should Know

Protecting your data is one thing, but what about insuring it? If you are considering cyber insurance, here are some facts you need to know.

How to Respond to a Data Breach

Here are three do's and two don'ts for responding to a data breach.

How to Fight Social Engineering

As an annual contest shows, social engineering can be an effective way for hackers to obtain sensitive data. Training is one of the best ways to fight social engineering.