Articles by James Maguire 

The 2010 Guide to IT Salaries

Unemployment in this sector remains low, but salaries are slumping.

3/24: Linux.Psybot Spreads via Routers

Linux.Psybot is a worm that spreads through routers and DSL modems.

3/23: Troj/Agent-IOV Adds DLL File

When run Troj/Agent-IOV copies itself to \digeste.dll and adds the DLL file to the following registry entry: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders SecurityProviders ,digeste.dll

3/23: Mal/ObfJS-BE Spreads via Browser

Mal/ObfJS-BE is a malicious script that attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in order to infect the victim when the malicious web page is browsed.

2009 Salaries for IT Security Professionals

In contrast with the gloomy job market, salary levels for IT security professionals are holding up well.

Bruce Schneier: Securing Your PC and Your Privacy

In this interview, the security guru discusses the technological threats facing us, from ID theft to how to best protect your personal computer.

5/1: W32/KillFil-BP Spreads Through P2P

W32/KillFil-BP Spreads Through P2P and network shares.

5/1: Bloodhound.Exploit.138 Detects MIE Apps

The Bloodhound.Exploit.138 Detects Multiple Image Editing Apps.

5/1: W32.Relfeer Attacks Networks

The W32.Relfeer worm spreads through network shares and file-sharing applications.

Great Security Blunders

A short compendium of lost laptops, stolen USB devices and unsecured e-mails. Forget hackers – it’s internal security mistakes that will give you nightmares.

Friday Job Watch: Security Engineers and Analysts

A survey of openings in security positions that call for design and security architecture expertise.

Friday Job Watch: $100k+ Security Jobs

This week we narrow our search to security jobs that pay in the $100k range.

Friday Job Watch: High Paying Security Jobs

Jobs in New York, Chicago and Silicon Valley are highlighted, focusing on those in the higher salary bracket.

Top Ten 2007 Security Problems: Predictions

McAfee has forecast which security problems will likely plague us in the coming year. Security guru Dave Marcus gives eSecurity Planet the inside scoop.

The Jealous Trojan

The latest malware has its own anti-virus scanner to make sure it has no competition as it does its dirty work.

Hacking for Profit

It’s ever more common that black hatters are extorting money rather than crashing machines. Plus: the threat from caching servers.