Articles by Gerry Blackwell 

Review: EncryptStick Digital Privacy Manager

EncryptStick Digital Privacy Manager from ENC Security Systems--free for a limited-capacity version, $39.99 unlimited--offers unparalleled security for USB devices.

How To Defeat The U.S. In Cyberspace

An ethical hacker builds a master plan to crush America--or teach it how to defend itself.

Defending the Power Grid is Defending the Nation

We a look at the new book, "Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It." Is the best defense against cyber attacks to disconnect the power grid from the Internet?

DARPA May Lose Cyber Wargames Playground

The Senate recently recommended a $143.4-million gutting of the Pentagon research agency's budget, including a $10-million cut to the National Cyber Range project.

When Is a Cyber Attack an Act of Cyber War?

Experts wonder, is there an undeclared war raging in cyberspace? And if so, whose job is it to fight it?

As Cybercrime Rises, 'Good Guys' Fight Back

In the battle against cybercrime, international bands of White Hats fight against the 'bad guys.'

Secure Wi-Fi Video On The Battlefield

Network security can be a life or death proposition in a war zone. A new product provides secure wireless HD video in a walkie-talkie-sized device for just those scenarios.

Is the U.S. Planning Its Own Cyber Attacks?

Gerry Blackwell looks into Gen. Alexander's statement that his responsibility is to "plan, coordinate, and conduct offensive...cyberspace operations."

Google Outs Cyber Spies

Google’s full disclosure on cyber espionage activity in China may just kick start a much needed international debate.

Cyber Security: The Unhackable Cell Phone?

Gold Line says its Gold Lock 3G cell phone encryption system is unhackable--and they've offered a quarter of a million dollars in gold to anyone who can prove them wrong.

Review: Symantec Online Backup

The company known for protecting data from digital vermin now offers an online data backup service. What's Symantec got in store(age) for you?

Put Your Finger On Security

When your customers are Hollywood types bent on keeping their television and film content safe from pirates, you'd better be able to protect it. Here's how biometrics help one post-production company keep a tight lid on data.

Norton Internet Security 2004

Security software — the anti-virus, firewall, anti-spam and other components that no business should be without — can feel intrusive and be a bit irritating to set up. It's the nature of the beast, but Symantec's latest release has much unique beauty within it such as detecting spyware, keystroke loggers and other threats.