Articles by Ed Sutherland 

Storm Trojan Takes Social Measures

The Trojan uses Webmail, blogs and message boards as conduits for spreading malware code.

Google Fixes Dangerous Desktop Flaw

Integrating Web and desktop creates 'perfect storm' for future flaws, researcher says.

Symantec Sounds Warning on Router Passwords

Symantec warns on a vulnerability in some home broadband routers.

Fraudsters Update Pump-And-Dump

Regulators warn online brokerage frauds on the rise.

T.J. Maxx Hit by Data Breach

Consumer data, including credit card info and driver's licenses, has been stolen from the retailer.

Less Data, More Security

Will data minimization be the key to enhancing data security? Experts say it's a trend to watch.

Hospitals Becoming Popular ID Theft Target

'Cancer patients are big money' for ID thieves, privacy expert warns.

Vista Exploit Looking For Achilles' Heel

First Vista exploit could mean lasting problems for Microsoft, according to a security vendor.

QuickTime Exploit Greets 'Month of Apple Bugs'

UPDATED: A New Year flaw raises URL-handling issues in the media player.

Vista Security Takes a Hit

The OS is proving not to be as unsinkable as Microsoft claimed.

Don't Open That Word File, Microsoft Warns

UPDATED: A new Word vulnerability targets Windows and Mac users, according to software maker.

MySpace Hit by QuickTime Worm

Phishers exploit QuickTime's JavaScript to snag user information.

Apple Patch Plugs AirPort Holes

UPDATED: Original AirPort opens wireless users to attacks, according to Apple.

'Critical' Flaw in Visual Studio 2005

An ActiveX vulnerability is being exploited, security researchers say.

Vista's PatchGuard Bypassed?

Microsoft says its security 'is no silver bullet.'

Financial Firms Join Security Audit Program

Assessment program hopes to replace cumbersome and costly individual interviews with standards-based requirements.

Apple Blames Microsoft for iPod Virus

UPDATED: Small number of video iPods affected, Apple says.

Microsoft Plans Nearly Dozen Patches

This week's patch release targets may include high-profile flaws in Windows and Office.

Second Third-Party Windows Fix Appears

As Microsoft waits, unofficial patches become an established answer to sudden security threats.

PowerPoint, IE Hit By New Zero-Day Flaws

Is espionage behind the latest attacks?

GE Employee Data Stolen From Laptop

The company alerted 50,000 current and former employees that a stolen laptop held names and Social Security numbers.

VML Exploit Subsiding, Questions Remain

Although first wave of attacks subside, security vendors expect more are on the way.

Microsoft Investigates Word 2000 Trojan

Zero-day exploit draws mixed concern from security vendors.

Microsoft Revises Security Patch

Revised security bulletin addresses problems experienced by some XP users, according to the software maker.

HackBerry: RIM Mobile Device Shown Vulnerable

New software exploit could be first to target the popular BlackBerry e-mail device.