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Facebook Expands Security Tools

Facebook will expand its use of MarkMonitor AntiFraud Solutions to fight phishing attacks, the companies announced as the site was under attack.

Panda Launches New Free Cloud-based Antivirus

Panda Security, the Spain-based antivirus software, today released a new free antivirus program called Panda Cloud Antivirus.

PC 'Security as a Service' Gains Global Cloud Footprint

Cloud computing’s utility and power in everyday life reached a notable new milestone today with Panda Security’s free PC security service.

Keep Windows XP Secure and Trouble-free

Windows XP users can't get no respect. A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced that it would no longer offer free support for XP, apart from critical security patches.

Hacker Dshocker Headed to Prison

Boston Business Journal: "The Massachusetts-based computer hacker operating under the pseudonym “Dshocker” pled guilty Tuesday to “computer intrusion, interstate threats and wire fraud” and will do time in prison, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston."

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Answers Trickle Out as Spammer Networks Remain Compromised

Washington Post: "Confronted with information that one Silicon Valley computer firm was hosting organizations that controlled the distribution of much of the world's spam, Internet service providers pulled the plug and McColo Corp., the hosting firm, went dark." Complete story