Articles by Chris Null 

Does Anyone in IT Really Care About Security?

If the world’s top authority on computer security leaves his personal network open, why should any of the rest of us worry?

Mobile Devices: The Dark Side's New Playground

The laptop in your bag is probably as secure as it can get, but the smartphone in your pocket is about as secure as your voicemail. The scariest thing? No one really seems to care.

The 9 Lessons of WikiLeaks

Think the furor over WikiLeaks is dying down? It’s just getting started, folks.

Remote Wipes Raise User Fears While Deleting Data

Just about any smartphone being managed by a corporate IT department can be wiped clean without user involvement.

Too Young to Tweet?

We're not just business people or IT pros, many of us are parents, too. Is it good to use your tech savvy to establish an online presence for your child from birth? Or will it cost him or her in the long run?

Your Own Staff May Be Your Company's Biggest Security Risk

No matter how diligent you are in hardware, policy-making, or hiring, your security is only as strong as the weakest link. Columnist Christopher Null examines the realities of insider fraud.

Why Facebook Is a Growing Concern for Your Business

Social networks should not be taken lightly --n ot by your employees and not by you. Chris Null asks, "What impact might Facebook activity have on corporate endeavors?"