Articles by David Strom 

Eight Whole Disk Encryption Options

Whether you need a free solution or have a budget to spend, whole disk encryption is a must-have. We lay out a few good alternatives.

New Networking Features in Windows Server 2008 R2

Security features include beefed up support for NAP--Microsoft's endpoint security solution--as well as improvements to group policies, remote access features, and firewalls.

How to Choose a DLP Provider

This Buying Guide will help you to select the right Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution for your organization.

Buying Guide: Enterprise Online Backups

Part of keeping your data secure is creating a reliable, secure system of backing up that meets all your needs. We help you shop for the best solution.

Improve Network Security with DNS Servers

Using an alternative DNS provider, such as OpenDNS or Google's Public DNS, can improve performance and increase security. It's worth taking the time to compare your alternatives.

What to Do When Your Laptop is Stolen

Even the most cautious among us can fall victim to laptop theft. Learn the importance of password protection, encryption, and other strategies for protecting your data--and some tools that may even help you recover your system.

Network Discovery: New Category of Essential Products

A variety of discovery tools and techniques are emerging to help you keep up with what's on your increasingly complex network.

The Many Myths of Endpoint Security

Maintaining a truly secure network requires understanding the common misconceptions about endpoint security.

Honeynet Project highlights the real cost of poor security

Those of you who run your corporation's networks are probably aware of the term honeypot, a computer that is designed from the start to be compromised and attacked. The idea is that an ordinary off-the-shelf server, typically without any particular security patches or other modifications, is placed out on the Internet, and several packet monitoring tools are setup to watch what happens. The idea is to use the honeypot to learn the tools and tactics used by the bad guys (which for the purposes of this essay we'll call black hats).