Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Hackers Aim High to Hack the U.S. Air Force

Latest program in HackerOne-backed U.S military bug bounty effort takes aim at the USAF.

Securing Docker, One Patch at a Time

The open-source Docker container project integrates many different security approaches, but like every other software project, it still has to deal with reported software vulnerabilities.

How Docker Swarm Uses Transparent Root Rotation to Improve Security

Docker's swarmkit integrates multiple secure mechanisms including one known as Transparent Root Rotation.

PAS Raises $40M in New Funding to Secure Industrial Control Systems

There is money to be made in securing ICS.

Armor Raises $89M to Bolster Secure Hosting

Secure cloud hosting vendor formerly known as Firehost gets a capital infusion.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM): Securing Corporate Data on Mobile Devices

When it comes to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Mobile Device Management (MDM) isn't enough anymore. That's what Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is all about.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): Controlling Network Access for Mobile Devices

Learn what Mobile Device Management (MDM) is all about and why it's being supplanted by Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

BYOD: Understanding Bring Your Own Device Security Risks

The Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, era has redefined the modern corporate landscape. Learn about the risks - and the tools you can use to securely embrace BYOD.

Bay Dynamics Adds Value to Risk Fabric

Bay Dynamics' latest security release looks at potential losses from security risks to help IT departments set priorities.

GoDaddy Acquires WordPress Security Vendor Sucuri

Hosting provider aims to deliver even more security services to its clients as it expands services portfolio.

Beware of Sleeper Fraud Accounts

Datavisor Online Fraud report finds that a non-trivial percentage of fraud activity occurs from accounts that are inactive for a week before an attack.

Mozilla Firefox is the First Pwn2own 2017 Victim to be Patched

Once again, Mozilla is quick to deal with a zero-day exploit first demonstrated at the Pwn2own hacking competition.

Bayshore Networks Raises $11M for Industrial Cyber Security

Bayshore's core product platform is the company's IT/OT Gateway for industrial cyber security.

Cymulate Raises $3M for Attack Simulation Technology

Startup raises new funds to help expand its reach, with a diverse set of Software-as-a-Service offerings to test an organization's ability to withstand different types of attacks.

Google Patches 36 Vulnerabilities in Chrome 57

Researcher finds a high impact memory corruption flaw in Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.

How Much Is a Google Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Worth?

Google is increasing the amount it pays for RCE vulnerabilities by 57 percent, and payouts for other security flaws are rising as well.

Fortscale Raises $7M for User Behavior Analytics Technology

Investors continue to pour money into security firms in 2017 as UEBA demand grows.

TrapX Discovers MEDJACK3, Updates DeceptionGrid Security Platform

New form of medical device attack is underway, but there are already ways to defend against the new incursion.

Where Do Venture Capitalists See Security Opportunities?

VCs from Trident Capital Cybersecurity, Elephant, Glasswing Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures discuss where they see the opportunity to profit.

Verizon Presents Technical Breach Information in a New Way with Breach Digest

VIDEO: Bryan Sartin, Managing Director of the Verizon RISK Team detailS some of the highlights of the report and the broader VERIS methodology for detailing data breaches.

RSA Conference: Lessons from a Billion Breached Data Records

Legendary breach reporter Troy Hunt details some of things he has learned  from working with more than a billion publicly dumped records.

RSA Conference Wi-Fi Users Under Attack

VIDEO: Pwnie Express finds multiple rogue access points on the show floor that are actively attempting to trick users with an EvilAP attack

RSA Conference Security Panel Isn't Worried about GDPR

Lawyers from Google, Cisco and Microsoft talk about privacy and why they're confident they're all moving in the right direction.

RSA Conference Cryptographers Panel: We're Doing Everything Wrong

RSA Conference cryptographers panel laments current internet security, as both the internet and many of the security measures to secure it are broken.

RSA 2017: Security is No Joke

The world's largest security conference gets underway today and even though a comedian is the closing session, it's all very serious business.