PWS-LegMir.gen.k is a password stealer that may steal data from the hard drive.

This data might include:

  • CD Keys for various games
  • credit card details
  • your local username/password

  • It may also log keystrokes for login details for banking applications, for example while Internet Explorer is open and connected to specific websites.

    As it is trivial for the malware author to modify the Password Stealer to transmit data to a different website or web address, McAfee write detection routines for these Trojans which as a general rule do not include these strings in the detection routines.

    This allows McAfee to write more generic detections for these threats and to proactively protect customers against future minor variants.

    Therefore it is not possible to always guarantee which website and/or port is being communicated with.

    More information can be found at this McAfee page.