For the second time in a month, security vendor Sophos has issued an alert for Troj/Dorf-Fam, a family of backdoor Trojans for the Windows platform.

Members of Troj/Dorf-Fam also have functionality to download and execute files from the internet.

Several members of Troj/Dorf-Fam have been seen aggressively spammed out with politically sensitive subject lines such as:

"British Muslims Genocide"
"Sadam Hussein safe and sound!"
"Hugo Chavez dead."
"Russian missle shot down Chinese satellite"
"Venezuelan leader: "Let's the War beginning"."
"The Supreme Court has been attacked by terrorists. Sen. Mark Dayton dead!"
"Third World War just have started!"
"President of Russia Putin dead."

Other subject lines seen are as follows:

"U.S. Southwest braces for another winter blast. More then 1000 people are dead."
"Love at First Sight"
"Hand in Hand"
"Our love is torn by miles"

More information can be found at this Sophos page.