W32/Banish-A is a mass-mailing worm. Emails sent by the worm have the following characteristics:

Subject line:
OK. Read the attached instructions to solve the problem.
Here are the details.
Re: Thank you for your choice.
Thank you for shopping. This mail contains your invoice.
Thank you. Your credit card was processed successfully.

Attached file:
A filename chosen from those in the current user's "Recent Documents" folder.
W32/Banish-A also spreads by exploiting the following vulnerabilities:
LSASS (MS04-011)
IIS5 (MS04-011)

W32/Banish-A contains the following message:
ExiliuM SerieS A
In honour to all the people that were, are, or will be forced to leave their homelands. NO MORE EXILED PEOPLE, NO MORE WARS
(c)ThE ExpaTRiatE 2005

More information can be found at this Sophos page.